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Discover powerful AI solutions to empower data engineers with AI to achieve more, faster.
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AI has the potential to revolutionize the way you work with elevated efficiency across all areas of your business. But first, you need to implement it… and that’s no simple task.
From automating routine tasks to revolutionizing customer service, transform every level of your company.
Keboola’s EmPower Event series is here to help. With countless success stories, insights and expert advice, each event is designed to accelerate your journey to becoming an AI master.
At each EmPower event we will share insights, who you how to implement AI, manage it and reap the benefits.
Want to experience a future where development time is halved and AI products are rolled out at lightning speed? It’s possible. Sign up to our EmPower events to start your journey.
Development time shrinks and AI application ship out daily. Be ready!

Upcoming EmPower events

February 28, 2024

Keboola EmPower Meet-Up: London

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📍London, OXO2, 4:30pm - 9:30pm UTC
Ready to use AI across your business but not sure where to begin? This event is jam-packed with insights and inspiration to support your AI-assisted future:
4:30pm - Open Doors 🥂
5:00pm - Welcome & Exclusive Keynote by VIP Guest 🎟️
  • EmPower London will be kicked off by the amazing Emma Wright - Director of AI Institute, Partner at Harbottle & Lewis, and one of CW’s Top 20 influential women.
5:20pm - The Aspiration: The Future of AI Industrialisation, Tomorrow 🌟
  • Pavel Dolezal, Keboola’s CEO & Founder, will share his knowledge on the future of AI. Learn how to prepare your data stack and make AI a productivity-boosting part of your enterprise. 
5:40pm - Generative AI in the Work of Data Analysts
  • How can generative AI act as a sidekick to data analysts? Special guest Guilherme Diaz-Berrio, Head of Marketing Analytics at Kindred Group, reveals all.
6:00pm - A Short Break - Food, Drink, and Q&A with Emma, Pavel, and Snowflake 🍸- Hosted by Russ Shaw, Global Tech Advocates
6:25pm - The Reality: Actually Using AI in Your Data Pipeline, Today ☝️
  • What can you really build with AI today? Jordan Burger and the Keboola Product Team will give you a realistic look at what you can achieve with AI right now. Get ready for a few suggestions.
6:55pm - AI in seconds, Apps in Minutes, Fully Custom in Hours ❄️
  • Allan Mitchell, Principal Data Platform Architect at Snowflake will take you through how Snowflake is making it as easy as possible for people to use AI and ML. This presentation gives you a look at how we are doing that today.
7:15pm - Comfort break, Q&A, plus food and drinks! 🧠 🍜🍸

7:30pm - Building a podcast with data, AI, and automation
  • Hosted by Adam Nagus, podcast host at Digimasters, will show you how they have enabled a new revenue driving product with the help of Keboola and demonstrate how their model can be applied to the 100s of business processes that exist in every organisation today.
7:50pm - How To Be an AI champion in Your Organization in 2024 🔥
  • Apoorv Kashyap from Ernst & Young will show us the immense value that can be derived from AI & share 3 key ideas to help you identify & mitigate the significant challenges inhibiting you from embracing the generative and predictive AI in your organization.
8:10pm - 9:30pm Fabulous After Party 🐙 🍻  
8:15pm - Live stage demos including Revolgy and Snowflake
  • 8:15pm - Revolgy demo
  • 8:45pm - Snowflake demo

Catch up on the events you missed

December 6, 2023 I 16:00 PM CET I 3:00 PM UTC

Keboola EmPower Online: AI Workshops

Curious how to speed up your data tasks with AI in Keboola? Sign up for our online hands-on workshop where you’ll get to try out the latest Keboola’s AI features. 

Each session will cover a specific feature—pick the one that interests you the most:
  • SQLBot: A data app integrated within Keboola that allows users to query tables and data marts using natural language. It’s great for users who aren’t tech experts. 
  • DocsBot: An AI feature designed to facilitate chat-based interactions on top of documentation, enabling users to quickly find answers within internal resources. 
  • PromptLab: An AI application that helps you to create and optimize your prompts. 
  • GenAI: Helps you generate personalized content for hundreds or thousands of recipients in a matter of minutes.
Register Now
Spaces are limited to 15 people per session, so sign up fast before they fill up!

Also, after your registration, you will receive a quick 5-minute questionnaire to fill out - because we want to tailor the experience directly to you. Thank you 🙏
November 1, 2023

Keboola EmPower Meet-Up: Prague

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📍 Prague, Vnitroblock, from 2 PM (CET)
Meet with Keboola team to witness first-hand Keboola’s AI capabilities to transform AI into your competitive edge, while ensuring your data remains secure and controlled. Spots are limited to 150 data heroes. And, as a special surprise, our friends from Snowflake and Actum will join us 🚀
So, what’s on the menu?
02:30 PM - The Aspiration
  • 🤝 Warm, Human Welcome
  • ⭐️ A Special Keynote (Jiří Maňas, P3 Logistic Parks)
  • 🚀 Leverage AI for Business with Keboola (Jordan Burger)
03:30  PM - The Reality
  • 🤖 Ask-Me-Anything ChatBot (Timothy Kühn)
  • 🦾 True Self Service Data Analytics (Petr Huňka)
  • ⚙️ Marketing Process Automation with GenAI Today (Petr Huňka)
  • ⌨️  Prompt Engineering Made Simple (Pavel Chocholouš)
04:30 PM - ❄️ Efficient AI Projects with Snowflake & Keboola (Simon Gutscher, Snowflake)
04:45 PM - 🔥 AI & Data Science Use Cases on Keboola by ACTUM (Jaroslav Píšek, ACTUM)
5 PM and on - Mingle, Drinks and the Future of Food and a Special Surprise Show at 17:30 🙏
June 14, 2023

Keboola EmPower Online: AI for Every Business

Discover how Keboola automates the processes that slow data teams down in building AI products. You’ll also get a sneak peek into upcoming AI features that will simplify DataOps and empower data engineers to work faster. 
March 7, 2023

EmPower Online by Keboola

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