EmPower Online Briefing Series

Roadmap Reveal

The today and tomorrow of AI-powered DataOps
Hosted by Pavel Doležal, CEO Keboola
Wednesday 29th May
3pm – 4pm BST / 4pm – 5pm CEST / 10am – 11am EDT
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Learn how automation and AI turn data into decisive action, empowering organizations to harness their data's full value.

Join Keboola CEO and co-founder Pavel Doležal as he gives a behind-the-scenes look at Keboola’s roadmap. He’ll reveal how Keboola is making it possible for data teams to have more control and visibility over their entire data stack, get real-time data delivery and insights via Data Apps, plus AI-powered enhancements to super-charge collaboration and global search.
You’ll learn how this builds on top of the powerful Keboola experience that users know and love today. You won’t want to miss this insider look at the future of Keboola!
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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see

Real-Time Data Delivery
We’re super-charging our Change Data Capture (CDC) capabilities to allow you to develop streaming analytics or replication with zero delays. 
This is on top of bringing real-time data ingestion and processing to Keboola that scales with ease. We’re also allowing for Data Streams to enable further processing of the data downstream. 
From automating routine tasks to revolutionizing customer service, transform every level of your company.
Data Apps
Our new real-time data delivery extends to all Data Apps powered by Keboola. This is Data Apps like you’ve never seen before - self-service, AI-powered, and scalable. Join us for the roadmap reveal to get your hands on the power of Keboola Data Apps.
At each EmPower event we will share insights, who you how to implement AI, manage it and reap the benefits.
AI-Enhanced Collaboration
Keboola now helps you to get a full audit trail across all projects - from identifying owners of specific datasets, data flows, or even configurations - saving time, wasted effort and increasing the effectiveness of data sharing across your organization.
You’ll also be able to measure the impact of any planned changes to a data flow with clear guidance on dependencies and what authorization is in place to make infrastructure adjustments.
Keboola Activity Center
Introducing a new way of having full control over your entire data stack in Keboola.
Get closer to the performance, utilization, and analysis of each project in Keboola like never before. 

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