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"It's super easy to combine data from multiple platforms and push that data either into the default database or even back into some of the sources that we'd pulled data from initially. "

Clarice Robenalt, Analytics Engineer, Compology

Data Scientist, here’s everything you need … and more!

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Connect all your data

Fetching data is simple and it even has an option to manually upload CSV files. Sign-in and connect multiple sources with a few clicks.
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Transform data and automate pipelines

Automate data pipelines and orchestrate apps so you have more time to focus on building models, and making real-time decisions.
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Share data, models,

and apps

Share and reuse your work with colleagues across the company. Being it metrics, raw data, and models.
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Work in a Multi-cloud environment

Run the same pipelines across multiple clouds and even on-prem.
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Build your own data applications

Design, publish, and utilize published code logic and models in the form of Keboola components (business and data science apps). All these with no or very low requirements from the IT department.
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Data Science Lab

Access data science notebooks straight from Keboola. The infrastructure for data science includes many use cases (Jupyter, R, ML, etc.).

Tinker with data and build data models without a data engineer.
No contract and a credit card needed.

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