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Keboola allows us to build robust and highly customized data pipelines. Instead of spending thousands of Euros per year on ETL services, we are able to focus our manpower and budget on analyzing data instead of merely getting them out of various silos.
Honza Felt, CyberFootPrint
Keboola is a great tool that provides an easy solution for automated tasks with your data.A great advantage is that Keboola has tools that are not non-essential, but very useful when you need them: logging, data restoration, versioning, etc.If you have any trouble, Keboola provides exceptional customer support.
Michal Pich, Archetix
"Traditional BI setup requires definition of the architecture, selection of technologies, security assessment.. All those things are provided by Keboola in one click. In our company we nurture a generation of data engineers that don't need to be experts in file systems and IP protocols and system administration in order to provide first-class services to the clients - enabling them (and us) to focus on the data and real value-add tasks"
Giuliano Gianetti,

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